Client Testimonials



Pittsburgh Girls Yeshiva

"Candid Solutions educated our teachers and staff in active shooter protocol, reducing the stress of worry and transforming it into a power of preparedness."  


Pittsburgh Boys Yeshiva

 "Candid Solutions helped our students feel prepared for an active shooter emergency, empowering them to consider their best options and most effective responses for the situation."
Rabbi Yossi

Pittsburgh Chabad Shul 

"Candid Solutions empowered our shul membership to take control of their own safety by presenting an effective active shooter training and offering tangible options for future emergency strategies."

Houses of Worship

Yeshivas Lubavitch Cincinnati

"Candid Solutions empowered our staff with both knowledge and skills necessary to protect  our most valued assets; our children and our community.  The skillful and professional level of artful detail in which training was conducted was most impressive."

Rabbi Gershon

Chabad Jewish Center Blue Ash

Candid Solutions was a great fit for our organization. Their ability to quickly gauge and adjust their approach to our needs was both impressive and inspiring. They were not only instrumental in helping us achieve a higher level of situational awareness, their talented staff was also highly adept at identifying both individual and team risks and training gaps. Candid Solutions continues to maintain a close relationship with our organization as we map out and implement our next steps.“

Jewish Discovery Center Mason

“Candid Solutions has trained our staff extensively. Their team is very professional and extremely knowledgeable in the field of security.”
Rabbi Yosef 

Anderson Hills United Methodist Church

"My challenge for some time had been dealing with seemingly minor  security issues but more importantly, making sure those minor issues did  not become major ones.  Thinking about how to lessen, if not eliminate,  the potential of any problems was an uphill climb.   I was not equipped to  define our weaknesses nor provide an adequate solution.  

I needed a  professional assessment from those who have the experience I do not  have. Jay and his team provided me what I needed.  He will tell it like  it is which is essential when you are dealing with securing people and  property. Using his layered method gives you the ability to do what you  can in the time you can. His assessment does not overwhelm you with an  insurmountable proposal.  

There are pieces that can be done simply  through the implementation of people and processes which he defines and  can be done quickly. Based on your ability you can then take it piece by  piece and layer your solutions as you are able. His assessment has  provided the blueprint for creating a welcoming but safe environment. 

R. Zemites 

Anderson Hills United Methodist Church 


Down Decor

"Candid Solutions prepared my business for the unthinkable with professionalism and expertise.  From the vulnerability assessment through active shooter training, the Candid team brought seasoned expertise and professionalism to a difficult subject."